Frequently asked questions

Can I have my caravan/motorhome serviced at Carafit, or do I have to go to my supplying dealer?
We are authorised by ALL U.K manufacturers to service and repair their caravans/motorhomes. Any warranty issues that may arise we can deal with the manufacturer directly to resolve them on your behalf. As an independent service and repair centre, you can be assured our advice and expertise is un-biased.

How long does it take to service my caravan?
Usually around 4 to 5 hours, it all depends on the age of the caravan and if our engineers come across any problems. We do our best to return your caravan back to you the same day. A Motorhome service usually takes about 3 hours to carry out. Book your on-line service now.

Do I need to empty my caravan/motorhome before coming to Carafit for a service?
We don't expect your caravan/motorhome to be totally empty, where would you put it all! The less there is the easier it is for our engineers to work on; we do ask that the centre of the caravan/motorhome is clear. If you are unsure what to remove ring our customer care team and they will be more than pleased to help.

What do I get when I collect my caravan/motorhome from having a service?
You will receive a detailed invoice, listing any parts used and a description of the work carried out. Plus a service schedule indicating what checks have been undertaken during the service and, any remedial action that has been carried out or that needs further attention. All this wrapped up in a Carafit Caravan Services service folder.

I've damaged my caravan/motorhome, how do I claim from my insurance company?
If you don't already have a claim form, contact your insurance company and request a claim form as soon as possible. The claim form will ask for details of the accident and a written estimate of repair. You can then either request an on-line estimate, or bring your caravan/motorhome to us. We will then prepare an estimate for you; send this and your claim form off to your insurance company. Once the repair is authorised we order the parts and contact you.

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