Caravan Motor Movers

With so many makes and models of caravan mover available choosing the correct one can be difficult to say the least. With prices ranging from £500 to £2500. Below are some of our 'best sellers' and our recommendations from nearly 17 years of fitting motor movers. Our fitted prices may seem high, but all our motor movers are fitted in accordance with the NCC COP 305.

Caravan Mover

The re-launched single axle Truma Original Caravan Mover with manual engagement and cross actuation as standard. Suitable for single axle caravans, with or without shock absorbers, up to 1800kgs. Mover weighs in at 34kgs.

This is our most popular motor mover, powerful, light and extremely well built.

Comes with a 5 year warranty as standard.

The TRUMA Caravan Mover. Fully fitted to CoP 305.

 Just £900 inc VAT.

Trumove 'S'   

The 'S' is designed for protection against the elements and is capable of manoevering caravans up to 2000kgs. Even with the Auto Engage capability this mover weighs in at just 33kgs.

For those that want auto engagement and a little more capacity in the motors.

Again this comes with a 5 year warranty as standard.

The TRUMA Mover S. Fully fitted to CoP 305.

Just £1350 inc VAT.

Have a look at this short video from our friends at TRUMA UK.

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