Our Solar Panel Solutions

Getting the correct size solar panel for your needs is crucial, too small and you fail to get the gains you need. So our advice is always go as big as you can. Remember you still need to fit it on the roof, so measure the space you have on the roof for it to fit.

Solar panel technology has improved greatly in recent years, and outputs have steadily grown. Just keep in mind there is a limit to what any mobile solar panel can do. If your using a TV for hours in the evening, your solar panel will struggle to replenish the battery.

If your thinking of solar panels it may be worth considering a second battery? Doubling your 'bank' of power. Maybe upgrade some lights to LED? This can cut your power consumption by 50% or more. 

We can supply panels from 18w up to 150w.

Our standard fitted price:

43 watt          £200

80 watt          £475

120 watt        £575

All our panels come with a 3 year construction warranty and a 20 year efficency warranty.

For honest real life advice on panel size and actual outputs give us a ring on 01269 831215

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